The Power of Story


When it comes to healing from the Bullshit of Life, the power to heal is not in WHAT happened to you or even WHY it happened. No. That’s the drama and the fireworks that merely grab our attention. It is not the medicine.

On the other hand, HOW you respond to the fit hitting the shan in your life is what healing and life, after the crisis event, is really all about.

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A Life Change; Long Needed!


Bob Zima, counselor and Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back, needed a change in his life so he decided to purchase a minor league hockey team. And he also won a dilapidated stadium with NO ICE, a cafe’ and radio station. Wow. Now that is a life change.

In this scripted and fictional life story of the writer and producer and host, you will experience a wide range of satirical and cathartic entertainment and at times therapeutic event.

The Podcast takes place at The Grumpy Gator Cafe’ in the Pelican Ice House and features a wide range of Bob’s Character-Defects!

Check out Bob’s latest podcast or BobCast as he likes to say.


That Whole Closed Door, Open Window BullSh!t


Have you ever had a asshole and/or know-it-all say to you in a great time of pain or fear, “well, when God closes a door he opens a window.”

“Asshole,” we mutter under our breath.

Who says that?

Stupid people. That’s who.

So, when we are experiencing pain from heartbreak or a disappointment or fear that our life’s work and dreams will never be realized, how do we move on once that idiot is finished telling us about an open window somewhere in this vast universe?

Find out on this episode of Bob’s podcast.


A Pirate’s Life for Me


Yet another BobCast has dropped and is awaiting your listen and review.

This episode discusses Bob’s approach to an Anarchy of Healing….If it feels good then it sure as hell heals good.

When it comes to healing, you and you alone are responsible for your own healing and thus, as Bob suggests, you need to be selfish and a marauder. Plunder and fight my friends if you want to heal appropriately.

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