20170716_164204.jpgWelcome, welcome one and all to The Grumpy Gator Cafe.

My name is Bob Zima and I am the cafes resident lunatic, lover and poet and host of this blog. This blog is based on a very simple concept if it feels good then it sure as hell heals good. I call this the Anarchy of Healing.

On this blog I explain how important it is that we follow our own instincts, when it comes to healing. That we must leverage our personality, temperament and life story. The only one who can truly, authentically and genuinely heal you from the damage you have received by simply experiencing the bullshit of life, is you. And the only one who can heal me is me.

I could go on and on and on as I have a tendency to do. In the long and the short of it I suggest a pirate life for me as I engage continually in the Anarchy of healing. For more on this concept check out this podcast.

Otherwise enjoy all of the interesting and insightful tidbits and pieces of gold and treasure that you will find on this site.


The Power of Story!


I am a Frequent Flyer 2 Hell & Back, and in this podcast episode I discuss the power of story. The power of your story. The power of my story.

There is power in what has happened to you and even more power in HOW you respond to WHAT has happened to you. Great movies, novels, plays and so on, offer stories and narratives of characters overcoming adversity and finding that dreams do come true

Check out the Episode: