100 Lessons: Get an Ass-Kicker


As with a cheerleader, everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to have an ass-kicker in their life!

The Ass-Kicker is that rare and special individual who is able to kick you in the ass as hard as ever and YOU say, “Thank you sir (or ma’am) may I have another, please!”

Ass-Kickers knock you upside of your head with the most insightful and genuine verbal picture of the true ugliness of our behaviors and we actually enjoy it. We live for it. We want it. God, they are good.

When you have someone like this in your life, you have the benefit of hearing first hand, without someone’s agenda, how your actions impact others. Many of us who grieve must deal with people in our lives that kick us in the ass not for our benefit; rather for their own benefit. Those who attempt to kick us in the ass for their benefit are manipulative people who care only about themselves. Get rid of these people immediately.

On the other hand, those who kick us in the ass because their only agenda is to see us heal and want to truly provide authentic and genuine feedback are the people you need to keep around and listen to each and every day of your healing process.