Radio Silent


22fe235beade2688808b25d83462b080_touches-of-sense-radio-silence-radio-silence-meme_640-480Want to jump start your healing?

Want to get away for a while?

Go Radio Silent

Turn off the fucking cell phone.

Yeah. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pintrest can wait. You soul, with all of that backed up shit (a.k.a. hurt and fear) can’t.

Unplug. Unwind. Unkink the rope.

Turn off the cell. Go radio silent for the day.

Nothing, and I really mean, nothing is that important that 24 without your cell can’t wait for. I know, what if there is an emergency? And what f there is. Then your radio silent day is the way that it was supposed to happen and the manner in which you found out and how you found out is the way that it was meant to be.

And besides, with a world of cell phone addicted people….you will be eventually contacted about any emergency. Hell, this ain’t the 70s.

The Tale of Story


So, I am finding that at the very core of what it is that I actually “do” and how I truly want to earn money is that I am guy who tells stories.

MY STORIES. Because my stories are fucking awesome! I am a bit biased though.

And if you know me at all, then you will agree I love to talk about myself and use myself and my life as a backdrop for my quirky, inane – at times and often irreverent comedy.

And I listen to other people’s stories. I am after all a counselor and story is a big part of that role. People come into counseling because the stories of their life are not what they want to hear, read or watch. People believe that their life story needs to or should have gone this way when it reality it is all fucked up. Welcome to life.

As I try to refine the “Bob Zima” brand, which seems so odd to me as it depersonalizes and corporatizes me, so that I can write and live the story of my life that I desire, I am finding that at the heart of it all, I am a middle-aged, over-weight, over-educated, under-employed, opinionated, irreverent and overly-sexual Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back. And thus, what in the hell is in THAT array of adjectives and tag lines that offers anything of value to others?

Tales of Perseverance? Inspiration? Laughter?

As I review Speaker’s Bureau websites and seek to launch the final phase of my life that includes writing books and blog posts, posting videos, creating podcasts traveling and speaking and teaching and signing books and making people laugh and say, “Hmmm, what the fuck just happened to me as I listened to THIS GUY”….I am finding that the best speakers have a passion for something other than speaking. Speaking is just the means of sharing that passion, a passion that inspires others to innovate, heal, improve their lives and the lives of others.

In short, I need to focus on the art and actuality of what it is that I do: lampoon and satirically rip the shit out of my own healing and the fucked up way in which many of us naturally attempt to begin and/or continue then actually discontinue to knowingly stop the healing process.

In most cases, we are programmed with a default healing plan. Problem is we stray from that (for many complex and valid reasons) and turn to anger, addiction, infidelity, risky behaviors and other things that actually created more need for healing than actually heal.

The Power of Story


When it comes to healing from the Bullshit of Life, the power to heal is not in WHAT happened to you or even WHY it happened. No. That’s the drama and the fireworks that merely grab our attention. It is not the medicine.

On the other hand, HOW you respond to the fit hitting the shan in your life is what healing and life, after the crisis event, is really all about.

For more, listen to this podcast episode…


For Those Who WANT IT


There is much ado about healthcare in America these days. And rightfully so. Healthcare, physical and behavioral, is a right that ALL people on this rock have a right to access and benefit from.

And as such, some people have the right to access and leverage the power of the American healthcare system and others have the right to say, “No Thanks.”

People have the right to refuse treatment as much as they have the right to engage in treatment. And that couldn’t be more true than about the American Behavioral Health industry.

As a counselor, I ONLY WANT to work with the people who truly WANT to be in treatment. If you don’t want to be there then quit wasting your time and mine. I am a counselor because I have overcome drug and alcohol addiction, been homeless with young family, bankrupted living in my in-law’s basement and I am a father who has buried two kids. And I have also played hoops with Michael Jordan, met the Pope, drove a NASCAR race car.

All I ask of my clients and anyone out there who has had a bad day, month, year….is that you fucking try. You engage. You do what you need to do for you to improve the quality of your life, to heal, to mend, to reinvent yourself.

And as a counselor, I am dedicated to working myself OUT OF A JOB! Once all of the people in the world, who WANT therapy, who WANT to improve the quality of their life, have crossed better relationships and happier times and the ability to deal with shitty times off their bucket (or as I like to say Fuck It) list, I will become an Uber Driver. My work is done.

At the end of the day, if you don’t want treatment then don’t take treatment. Don’t engage. Don’t take advantage of the awesome programs available today. Don’t waste your rime. And, since you are choosing to NOT improve your life, then at least own your shit: own your poor decisions, own the hurt you caused others, own the cardboard box in which you live, own the continued drunken and angry state in which you reside, own your aloneness because no one in their right mind wants to be with you. Own it. It must work for you. So continue. More of the same. That’s the plan that is working for you. Right?!

If life isn’t working for you. Change it. Get into treatment. Work it. Own it.

And I know. It’s tough. I have been there and done that too. It is tough. Healing is not for pussies and wimps only the brave and adventurous.

Get your head out of your ass and get your ass off of the couch and start working on healing, start improving the quality of your life and the lives of those who engage in life with you.

It will suck at times, be difficult and you’ll want to quit. Don’t!