A Pirate Life for Me


After a life time of ups and downs, trips to the gates of Hell and back, I have spent my life in the Minor Leagues.

And, I have adopted the idea of an anarchy of healing. If it FEELS good then it sure has heck HEALS good.

For more on this interesting idea and how I have managed to last in the Minor Leagues all this time…check out this Marauder Radio podcast episode.




Hello everybody and welcome to My Life in the Minor Leagues!

This Blog about the many trials and tribulations as well as the triumphs that I have had in my illustrious 53 years on this rock! I have played hoops with Michael Jordan and met Pope John Paul II twice. I’ve buried two infant children and overcame drug and alcohol addiction although it’s only 1 in the afternoon and plenty of time to break that trend! I’ve traveled through Europe multiple times and have been privileged enough to travel the United States of America end to end. I have been homeless with the young family and have had to claw and scrape my way back just to lower middle class!

While trying to find the meaning of life and my own purpose in this existence I have traveled to hell and back so often I have frequent flyer miles! This blog is about my various Adventures to hell and back, some of the lessons I have learned along the way, my new and revised outlook on life and my constant and burning desire to have as much fucking, fun as humanly possible.

My plan is to each day share some tidbits, information, insights, humor, healing tips and suggestions and whatever else is flowing around in my mind and soul with you the audience, the reader, the griever, the healer, or the one who simply avoids healing and is an assshole to everyone else in your life.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride.