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Too Much!

Not that I do it often, more like “seldom”, well maybe even a little bit less than “seldom”, I go to a gym. I actually work out. I actually try to take care of my physical fitness along with my mental fitness. Anyways, when I’m at the gym, I sometimes see people lifting weights. And they’re always grunting. Making that guttural sound from the bowels of their soul. And I think to myself…if you need to make that kind of sound put that thing down!

It must be way too heavy.

Why do you do that to yourself?

I do the same exact thing except I tend to do this with my schedule versus a barbell. I put too many things on my schedule. I agreed to help too many people. I agree to get involved in too many projects and activities. And eventually, I’m grunting! I’m making that guttural sound from the bowels of my inner soul. And I realize I have once again overloaded my plate and overloaded my life and have completely screwed myself.

Time for another Cranium-Rectum Extraction Bob!

First of all, I’m aware of this pattern behavior. I put too much “stuff” on my plate. I take  on too special interest projects or want to help too many people. Saying “yes” when I should say “no”. Because I want to be liked by people. I wanted to be loved, appreciated, thought of as the “go-to guy.”

And, as they say, awareness is the first step in good mental fitness. I’m aware I do this. And the insight that comes from this awareness is that I become overwhelmed. I become irritable. I become angry. I become unempathetic. I have compassion fatigue. And soon I want to lay in bed, pull the covers over my head and shut out the world for a while.

Since this is the Year of Bob and I’m going to focus on my own Mental Wellness.

A couple of times in the last couple of days I have had the opportunity to add more crap to my plate, weigh myself down, ruin my own mental wellness or at least put my mental wellness in “harms way.” As I mentioned earlier being aware of this pattern and insightful of its outcomes, I actually said “No” to adding things to my already full plate.

I put “Bob” first.

I looked out for me.

And as difficult as it was, as hard and painful as it was, to say “no” to helping someone I said “yes” to Bob. It still feels kind of weird and icky and strange to say “no” to someone else and “yes” to me; however initial reports indicate this is a good thing!

For more….here’s a video


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