The Year of BOB

2019 is the “Official Year of Bob!”

That’s right. This year I am focusing on ME.

Doing what I want.

Placing MY Dreams, Desires and Needs FIRST. Well, actually balancing my needs, wants and desires with that off others and the other things that I do to get my needs and wants met. It can be complicated. Which is why I plan to write about this experiment and attempt to better my life here, on my blog.

Sure, it may sound selfish or even self-centered….yet, I consider this experiment to be a development in my own self-concept: the image and interpretation I have of myself, my skills, my talents and so on. A manufacturing of self-esteem, self-confidence.

No, I don’t plan to loose or let go of my compassion for others or my desire to be connected to people, I am going to better balance my need to do for me with my actually doing for me and doing for others.

This is about healing, growing and enjoying my life.

Here’s more via a video:


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