Vacation Time


img_20160727_162916Tomorrow at 1:00 pm, I am on vacation!

For the first time in close to 11 months I will have an extended time away from the four jobs I call a career.

And it all starts with a trip to the dentist. Then teaching.

Wait….Yeah. Dentist then teaching.

Doesn’t sound like the start of a vacation. Sounds pretty bad actually.

Post teaching, I am driving through the night, oh I love the peace and quiet of middle-of-the-night highway driving, to the Badlands in South Dakota.

For me, the moment my mind believes that vacation is starting, my body and soul respond and I get super mellow and relaxed. Hmmm. Maybe I should do this more often even if the reality of vacation is nothing more than fiction in my mind. Note to self.

Anyway, tomorrow at 1 pm….I am on vacation. South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado are the tour stops for my fast and furious travels to National Parks and the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb event.

Be watching for posts on this blog, Twitter, and Instagram.

Until then, Bob Zima – Out.

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