Back to Writing


So, I have come to the conclusion that I need to be writing.

Every fucking day.

I know. Boundaries my man, boundaries.

Yet, I love to write. I love to speak. I love to create media program.

I love when imagination WORKS for me. Instead of imagining the worse that life can deal up I love when my imagination, together with my memory, create worlds of possibilities and adventure and fun. A the freedom to dream.

What I don’t like, well actually I do love being busy….I guess if I stop to think about it….I don’t like being busy with bullshit things. And who does? Nobody.

We all want to engage in productive activities. Thinks that make us happy and feel alive.

So, I am committing to write. And write about what ever the hell is on my mind and dancing in my soul. Writer about things that matter to me and maybe someone else. Write about the twisted tales of my roller coaster life and more.

It is simply time to get back to allowing my imagination, my innovation and my inspiration to once again be the key elements of daily life.

Sure beats despair and doom and gloom.

Here’s a radio show I love. Check it out:


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