The Hope of a Friday


And so it is Friday. 

The Holy Grail of the work week. Although truth be told my work week is 7 days a week. I am three different jobs and then I’m a director five days a week, a private practice counselor for days a week and occasionally I teach soon to be counselors how to do the voodoo that they need to do doo.

I’m not complaining. 

I love being busy. In fact in my perfect world I’m still working 7 days a week anyways. Although that’s  seven days a week of writing, podcasting, doing videos,  giving presentation in keynote addresses period basically I’m doing most of the shit I’m doing now just more full time. In fact if what I’m doing now, in terms of my creative endeavors and initiatives, would pay all of the bills I’d be one happy fucking camper.

Anyways, I digress! Friday is a day filled with hope. 

Today in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, where I live, it’s going to be 71. And it’s March! Meaning that great weather and sun will be plentiful moving forward. This of course brings me hope because I think of all the wonderful things I can do when the weather is halfway decent. 

I’m also going to be going to a hockey game this weekend. I love hockey. It is my healing medication. It’s one of the most important thing I do when it comes to my own healing so I’m looking forward to that. 

There’s hoops this evening on the television. My son and I will be the only ones in the house is my wife and daughter have things to do. So it’ll be March Madness, chicken wings, non-alcoholic beer for me and Arnold Palmer’s for my son and hopefully a number of buzzer beaters.

All of that good shit rolling through my brain and my mind makes for one happy camper known as bomb. Easy life ain’t that complicated folks when we think good thoughts, when we have faith in ourselves and our lives and that Good times and good food and good friends and family are soon to be a reality hope is easy to come by. Cold and raining, I had nothing planned for the weekend I probably would be depressed.

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