Men Do Show Emotions


Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back, debunks the notion that men DO NOT show emotions. Bullshit! (See – emotions via words). Men can and do show emotions….even around other men. So stop believing the myth that a man can not display, communicate or show emotions.

Mental Wellness starts with the ability yo demonstrate and communicate and show what you are thinking and the emotions created as a result of your thinking, pondering, considering and evaluating.

Power of Anger for Men’s Mental Health


In-Flight Entertainment welcomes you to Marauder Radio starring Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back. This podcast features the Bob’s quirky insights and lessons learned from having to reinvent, reboot and rebuild his life at least TWICE now…all due to the “Bullsh!t of Life.”

On today’s show, Bob discusses how anger, a series or set of behaviors, is a vital almost golden set of symptoms that clearly indicate the need for a man to get his ass into counseling. Anger are the signs and signals that healing is required. And healing can start when a man enters counseling.

Bob Zima is a middle-aged, over-educated, under-employed, over-weight, white-guy who believes that when he tries less his life has more success. He’s is healing each and every day from addiction, bankruptcy, plenty of bad relationship, dumb-ass career decisions and the death of two of his children. He has also backpacked through Europe, talked with the Pope, played basketball with Michael Jordan, was selected as the clinical site supervisor of the year in Illinois and has had his picture taken with the Stanley Cup.

Bob is a licensed clinical professional counselor and improvisational comedy graduate of Chicago’s famed Player’s Workshop of the Second City.  He makes healing and counseling fun, entertaining and educational.

Marauder Radio is a roller-coaster ride of mental health and healing ideas, a treasure trove of inspirational rants and witty lampooning of the psychological and religious industries in ‘Merica. Bob’s HOOYA (Head Out Of Your Ass) humor therapy encourages all to engage in a cranium-rectum extraction then get busying having fun and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Check out this Marauder Radio Podcast Episode.

There’s ALWAYS Time for Nudity


I don’t know about you but I love being naked.

I mean I absolutely love to get naked.

love when my wife gets naked.  But that almost never happens.  Much to my chagrin.  I really love when my wife is naked with me.  It’s so much fun.

I firmly believe there’s never enough time for nudity.

Some awesome things happen when you naked.  Such as: showering!  Showering is awesome. You get clean and can soak your muscles and think.  So many of the things I come up with for my podcast, the blog, this book, my stage shows seminars and workshops all occur when I am naked and in the shower getting clean.

What else is awesome when you naked?

Besides of course the obvious!

enjoy watching television in the nude.  Usually it’s because I’m in my bedroom, relaxed, waiting for my wife to come to bed which means that I have control of the television!  Which then means that I am watching a show that I truly enjoy.

Is it ODD to be watching hockey or NASCAR in the nude while you’re waiting for your wife to come to bed?  Who cares? Besides, call it self-care and most mental health people are happy for you. Bonus.

The whole reason there is never enough time for nudity is that, for me at least, being naked means that I am completely free of any responsibility.

I’m not speaking or presenting a lecture or facilitating a workshop or on the radio or writing a book (although I’m sure I wrote part of this blog while naked).

In fact when I’m naked in means that I am as free as I am ever going to be-and I love it!

No One Wants More Time at the Office


It’s common, when the fit hits the shan, people look back and make some kind of statement that may be interpreted as a “regret.”

The one regret I will not ever have is

that I didn’t spend more time at the office

yet I allow work and other career related goals and stressors to occasionally control my life.

  • I can’t make your track meet, son, because I have a meeting.”
  • I always have to leave the office early to drive the kids from here to there.”
  • My job is important too. I just can’t leave early to get the kids to their practices, games, jobs and events.”

What kinda fucked up parenting is that?

One that leads to regret, missed opportunities and memories.

I have uttered all of these phrases at least ONCE in the last month during which I wrote this page.

What the fuck?! I

am such a dumb-ass.

People would kill to have the flexibility (and by the way designed and then built into my life) I have and that I can leave the office and watch my children compete, perform and engage in life.

My wife is not so lucky. She does not have the flexibility and freedom that I have.

I often tell myself: “embrace the freedom and the ability to leave the office behind.”

I have to be honest, I only say those things cause I need to “believe” that I am important.