Scared into Change

Have you ever been scared or scared yourself into change?

Sure ya have. We all have

After watching the clip….do you need to scare yourself into getting out a lollygagging pattern and start living, dreaming or git ‘r done? I know I do.

Time’s a wastin’. Get busy living your dream. Find your inspiration (mine’s above) and get going.

The Magic Behind Story

I love trains. I do. I am a “rail fan.”

I  geek-out about transportation modes: Planes, Trains and Automobiles….even before John Hughes’ awesome story telling.

And I love movies. I love making movies. And have. On just a much smaller scale then today’s post.

There is nothing more fantastic then learning how movies and visual stories are created. How they are born of other stories and narratives. How narratives come together and how actors live out the imagination of a writer and director.

Vevo Korea YouTube – HIGH DEFINITION – Beta

Welcome to the Blog

Hello, I am Bob Zima. And I love to spin, watch, listen to and read tall tales.

There is power in story. Lightening in narrative. Story drives imagination, one of the most powerful parts of our mind. Narration drives innovation.

This blog looks at how story and narratives moves us emotionally by first getting our minds active and firing.

There is power in my story and in your story. Questions is….Do I and you actually use that power?