So, Dr. Gilbert, whom you may know from commercials about retirement, asks the question, why is it more difficult to imagine then it is to recall memory?

Great question. Honestly never in my life would I have imagined that imagination is such a difficult task for some many people. Imagination drives HOPE. Hope is THE fuel for healing, for improving our lives, for deepening our relationships.

As an imagination and innovation junkie, I find it almost impossible to believe that some people have difficulty with imagining, dreaming, and creating realities that do not exist yet we hope that one day they become our reality. How can that be?

Why do people struggle with creating better worlds for themselves, their children, their wives and husbands? Why do we settle for what has already happened? Why don’t strive for better?

Seems to me that the power of story and the power to create mental wellness in one’s life requires the use of imagination skills. The ability to predict, anticipate and consider the possibilities. Those who struggle with the art of imagination will indeed struggle with living mental well.

Begging the question, what will you, I and others do about that?

Blissful Cognitive Ingornance


Holy shit there is NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING, more blissful that cognitive ignorance. Not knowing is so much better than knowing




When you have NO IDEA that bad shit can happen….

When you have blind faith and believe in a perception and notion that fills your drive-in theater (aka your mind) with happy happy dance numbers….

You have it all my friends. You have it all.


Then life happens.

Shit happens.

Pain happens.

Panic happens.

Knowledge and reality break though and fuck up our worlds.

You have to grow-up, be an adult and learn to integrate in the reality with the dream world. You have to reconcile what you thought and believed with what you know. What you learned. What you experienced.

The virginity of blissfulness is broken, smashed, ruined.

And that can just SUCK!

Radio Silent


22fe235beade2688808b25d83462b080_touches-of-sense-radio-silence-radio-silence-meme_640-480Want to jump start your healing?

Want to get away for a while?

Go Radio Silent

Turn off the fucking cell phone.

Yeah. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pintrest can wait. You soul, with all of that backed up shit (a.k.a. hurt and fear) can’t.

Unplug. Unwind. Unkink the rope.

Turn off the cell. Go radio silent for the day.

Nothing, and I really mean, nothing is that important that 24 without your cell can’t wait for. I know, what if there is an emergency? And what f there is. Then your radio silent day is the way that it was supposed to happen and the manner in which you found out and how you found out is the way that it was meant to be.

And besides, with a world of cell phone addicted people….you will be eventually contacted about any emergency. Hell, this ain’t the 70s.

The New Book


Healing WimpsSo my new book is at the publishers and in galley format for editing.

I share with you the awesome power of making the bold and brave decision to:

  • get your head out of your ass and
  • your ass off of the couch¬†

to start healing from the fit hits the shan moments of your life.

When the world kicks you in the balls and leaves you for dead on the highway to hell, its easy to give-up and choose to not heal. Welcome to a life full of pain and regret.

Or heal.

Get your head out of your ass and ass off of the couch and get busy living again. The choice is up to you!

Book launch is scheduled for May 2017.